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We are innovative business partner providing solutions for businesses that deserve better business operations ideas. Driven by management thinking and using innovation with roots in Technology, using Data and Experience. Our Solutions and Services help business to create Operations strategies that make a positive impact in businesses operations and achived planned growth. We help companies align with the market and customers of tomorrow. We believe in building professional and lasting relationships.

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Based on client challenges and operational process understanding, we propose appropriate services and use mix solution approach to achieve desired results.

cresolv solutions Management Consulting

Management Consulting & Business Expansion Services.

We conduct Management interviews, we understand business challenges and review operational reports, information and existing management controls. The advisory solutions we designed is based on client business risk, opportunities for industrial challenges.

cresolv solutions Advisory

Management Consulting


We act as a business consultants or organisational advisors, we focus on all sorts of organisational concerns from strategy to a variety of elements within management. We conduct business review and recommend how to improve the performance and achieve strategy.

cresolv solutions Audit & Risk Management

Audit & Risk Management


True integrity has always been the cornerstone of any successful company.We conduct process reviews to provide assurance to managment on Process, People and Systems. We use risk based approach considering client environment, operational information and financial implications.

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cresolv Operational Advisorysolutions

Operational Advisory


We help clients to improve Operations performance.Activities includes from advisory services to hands-on implementation support, for functions process (Sales, Marketing, Production,Finance, HR, Supply Chain,
ICT, etc.).

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