Cresolv Management Consulting

Management Consulting & Business Expansion Services.

We conduct Management Interviews, understand Product, Services, Industry challenges. We review process, operational information and control.

Cresolv Management Consulting

Management Consulting


We act as a business consultants or organisational advisors, we focus on all organisational concerns from Strategy to Revenue Reaslisation. We conduct operational actvities assessment and recommend how to improve the performance.

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Cresolv Audit & Risk Management

Audit & Risk Management


True integrity has always been the cornerstone of any successful company. We conduct audit reviews to provide assurance to managment. We focus on Policy, Process, People and Systems. We use risk based approach.

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Cresolv Enterprise Operations

Enterprise Operations


We help clients to improve Operations performance. Solutions includes Functional assessments. Functional process (Sales & Business Development, Marketing, Production, Finance, HR, Supply Chain, ICT, etc.).

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Our Risk Management, Audit & Assurance Services.

Risk based audit approach based on client requirement and challenges.

Cresolv Financial & Process Audit

Financial & Process Audit

Revenue Accounting | Billing & Settlements | Credit Control | Sales Commission | Procurement | Vendor Assessment

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Cresolv Technical Process Audit

Technical Process Audit

Digital Content Management | Revenue Assurance | Fraud Management | Procurement | VAS Services | Online Payments

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Cresolv System Audit

System Audit

Content Platform | Prepaid Billing System | Postpaid Billing System | Revenue Assurance System | FMS System | Provisioning | Rating

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Cresolv Intelligent Process Execution

Intelligent Process Execution

We support Enterprise to execute business operational activities.

Cresolv Sales Operations

Sales Operations

Order Management | Incentive Computation | Promotion Tracking | Return Tracking | Exposure & Credit Control Tracking

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Cresolv KPI Monitoring

KPI Monitoring

Marketing Metrics & KPI | Sales Metrics & KPI | Financial Metrics & KPI | Sales Commission Calculation | Penalty Assessment | Credit

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Cresolv Product Ananlysis

Data Analytics

Customer Growth | Sales Growth | Product Ananlysis | Revenue Leakages | Opporunity Loss | Performance Recommendations | Geography

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