Posted on : 06-06-2019 02:07:54

Brand Accuracy and Branding assets tracking at retail audit is challenges for most of retail chain services. Brand Retail Audits are performed by brand representatives or retail store employees for the purpose of collecting data about the Branding activities and assets deployed authorised outlets. Types of information and activities conducted at outlet. 

  • Sales volume recording.
  • Stock levels (Shelf and Back stock)
  • Validate in-store displays.
  • Validate and track promotional materials issued to outlet.
  • Competitor activity.
  • Planogram compliance (shelf location, number of facings present, number of SKUs present, missing/inaccurate shelf tags)
  • Pricing
  • In-store location of products
  • Product damage

Benefits of Brand Audit

The benefits of conducting Brand audits at outlet are twofold. Brand Audit Tool serve as a tool for Brand to ensure that Retailers (Outlets) are complying with pre-established agreements on product placement, pricing, and promotion. On the other hand, they Audit information allow brands to accurately measure Product success in the retail environment.

 Equally advantageous is the priceless commodity of data that audits provide, though your data is only as good as your method of collecting it. By taking the steps to aggregate quality data from various retail locations over time and comparing results, managers can make actionable decisions that reduce inefficiencies and ultimately drive sales.

Audit Tool ( BMS Project Monitoring Platform)

1. Customized Questionnaire

2.Inventory Levels

3.Branding Material Tracking


5.Feedback Collection