Our IOT Solutions

Smart Living (B2C)

Operate your entire house or rooms on your finger tips or through your voice commands. Easily control your lights, AC, TV, DTH, Fans, curtains, doors and all the electrical appliances from your Phone or Voice commands through Alexa.

Smart Enterprise (B2B)

Convert your products into IOT enabled devices and learn product performance, client needs, Quality, Up selling of services.

Smart Industrial (B2C)

Convert your business operations into Smart Operations, monitor plant activities, monitor workers performance, Product line monitoring, proactive maintianence, alert and notification for proactive resposnes, Secuirty ans survileance.

Solution Overview

cresolv IOT Smart Device

Smart Devices

  • Smart Switches / Lights
  • Smart Thermostat
  • Smart Security / Lock / Camera
  • GPS Trackers
  • Smart Sensors / Electrical Controller
  • GSM/NFC/Bluetooth/WIFI enabled
  • Customized Devices
cresolv IOT - smart rooms

Smart Rooms

  • Smart Room Controller
  • Manage Appliances
  • Electrical Controller
  • Climate Management
  • Entertainment Services
  • Access and Remote Monitoring
  • Central Monitoring & Any Device
cresolv - Security & Surveillance

Security & Surveillance

  • Access Management
  • Remote Surveillance
  • Resource Tracking
  • Attendance and Entry/Exit
  • Payroll Processing
  • Location Tracking
  • Alarm Management
cresolv - Industrial & Electrical

Industrial & Electrical

  • Production Cycle
  • Equipment's Maintenance
  • Assets Tracking and Life
  • Inventory Management
  • Energy Management
  • Stock & Dispatches, Return
  • Security, Safety and Surveillance
cresolv Warehouse & Logistic

Warehouse & Logistic

  • Goods Management
  • Equipment Tracking
  • People Tracking
  • Package Tracking
  • Stock & Dispatches, Return
  • Security, Safety and Surveillance
  • Distribution / Reconciliations
cresolv Fleet Management

Fleet Management

  • Vehicle Location
  • Stoppage
  • Speed
  • Refueling
  • Trip Time and Destination
  • Engine Start Stop
  • Temperature

Our Vision & Mission

To provide the professional services, to meet our clients’ needs. To maintain integrity and honesty.


To be the most trusted and respected Enterprise by providing innovative and practical solutions & services. Proposed services that contribute to our clients’ success. Preferred Professional Business Associate for Clients.


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How we can help for IOT Solutions

Convert Existing Product to Smart Device

Using our smart device and platform services, monitor your product performance. Idenify our devices with platform real time monitoring and tracking.

cresolv IOT Solutions
creslv Production Performance Improvement

Production Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement opportunities Data gathered from production units using IoT-connected devices enable companies to evolve from reactive to proactive monitoring and tracking Production Cycle Maintenance Active duration Operator Performance Process Performance

Increasing Sales Opportunities

Data gathered from IoT-connected devices enable clients to plan proactive monitoring selling and consumable requirement, product performance, errors, issues, alerts for trends that might indicate other product needs. A network equipment manufacturer might notice customer usage patterns that are straining the customer’s existing infrastructure and use that data to sell the company more appropriate networking products to prevent future failures.

cresolv IOT Increasing Sales Opportunities
Consulting Services
Risk Management
Enterprise Solutions