Incentive Working Automation

business partners and consumers or employees for their loyalty to your product
is a no-brainer. Incentive programs work. But how do you actually create, run
and optimize a multi-channel, ROI-based incentive program strategy?

Incentive Automation. Cresolv SALESIQ cloud platform allows organizations to
create, personalize and scale incentive and loyalty programs. Whether you’re
incentivizing 100 or 1000000 channel partners or Sales staff who register new
deals, or rewarding 1 million consumers for their loyalty, Cresolv provides the
tools and scale to reward any behavior, any outcome. Any time. Use Any ERP and Billing System, we will make most of it for you. Contact us on on

  1. Top Features Incentive Platform.
  2. Manage Incentive Program
  3. Define Targets
  4. Incentive Calculation Automation
  5. Track Incentive Achievement & Sales Progress
  6. Timely Incentive Disbursement;

Management Dashboard for quick decision  making. 

Detailed Incentive Reports. upload for payment accounting

Incentive Policy Configurations, Modify or add or delete Incentive policy any time.