cresolv - Enterprise IT Platforms

Enterprise IT Platforms.

Our Digital Platform is suitable for digitalising various Operational Process, Function and Task performed in day to day operations. We also develop customized application based on Client requirement.

cresolv - LMS-ERP cresolv - LMS-ERP

Order to Delivery


Many companies are finding it increasingly difficult to fulfill their commitments to their customers and monitor their suppliers. Our order-to-Delivery platform help management to monitor orders.

cresolv - Trade Management

Trade Management


TMS is specially designed to track and manage Sales staff and Associated partners such as Distributors, Resellers, Retailer, Channel Partner hierarchy. Useful tracking tool for Principle.

cresolv - Supply Chain

Supply Chain


Track your procurement, Manage your Suppliers. Mange Inventory and Payment for PO. Issue PO for your pruchase and Track GRN ,Stock,Dashboard to track Procurement.

cresolv - Sales Force

Sales Force


SALESIQ offers a premium cloud based platform to supplement your existing ERP’s to monitor your Sales & partner activities from Order to Collection, Partner visits, Backend process Intergration.

cresolv - Secondary Sales

Secondary Sales


Empower Sales to Beat Emerging Omni-Channel Challenges. Improve channel relationships. Focus on driving secondary and territory sales. Track Margin prevent sacrificing discount driven sales.

cresolv - Lead Management

Lead Management


Track Lead Generation and target achviement of Sales Staff.Empower management by real time tracking of Sales Order entry and performance based on Dashboards.

cresolv - Our Robotic Process Automation Solution

Our Robotic Process Automation Solution. (RPA)

In day to day businesses operations demands to perform complex, labour-intensive tasks, it becomes even more apparent that today’s aim is to maximize process automation due high volume of data. Each data indicate alerts and decision pointers. We at Cresolv continuously monitor automated process to improve and propose the business decision with help of data analytics.

Data Science | Analytics | Business Intelligence | Artificial Intelligence | Machine Learning

cresolv - Business Intelligence
cresolv - Data Management

Data Analytics


Data Management Data Validation Execute Processing Report Preparation Management Insight Report Ad Hoc Client Reporting

cresolv - Partner KYC & Approval

Partner Management


Manage Partner Onboarding Partner KYC & Approval Incentive Program Dispute Resolution Partner Performance Reporting

cresolv - Review Revenue Source

Revenue Management


Review Revenue Source Analyze Trends & Pricing Billing Pattern Analysis Customers Analysis Recommendations Monitoring & Improvement

cresolv - RA Frame Work Design

Revenue Assurance


RA Frame Work Design RA Activities Development Execute Assurance Control Revenue Leakage Notification Management Reporting

cresolv - Decision Support System

Decision Support System


We apply complex rule-based algorithms and machine learning. Solution contribute into life predictive and prescriptive analytics.

cresolv - Design Audit Control

Continues Audit & Monitoring


Understand Process Review Data Sets Understand Operational Controls Design Audit Control Configure Control Execute & Monitor

Our Project Montoring Platforms

Manage your any type of Project using our customizable platforms.

cresolv -

Brand Management Project Tracking


Create Branding Activity Create Locations Define Branding Outlet Appoint Agent / Promoter Assign work to Promoter Monitor Promoter work

cresolv -

Assets Verification Tracking


Define Assets Type Assets Map Asset Register Upload Kickoff Asset Verification Track Verification Progress Review & Approve Work

cresolv -

Work Flow & Activities Management


Define Workflow Assign Work steps Track Work Steps Manage Process Track User Performance Design workflow

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